Who we are

We are expert SR&ED service providers with decades of experience.  We are former SR&ED performers ourselves, and former CRA SR&ED auditors, so we know the challenges from both sides.  We've been helping clients (and their tax accountants) succeed with SR&ED for a very, very long time.

As SR&ED performers ourselves we know what it's like to be dealing with scientific unknowns and technology limitations in the face of pressing business deadlines.  It's demanding and often stressful work.  It's also expensive.  The SR&ED Program delivers generous benefits that can help recover significant portions of those costs.  But the SR&ED rules are complex and the available CRA guidance isn't clearly written in either of Canada's official languages.  Few SR&ED performers have the time needed to learn CRA's terminology and requirements (it's a steep curve).  Fewer still have the time needed to properly assemble a solid SR&ED claim, or the patience to work with CRA through an audit.

We also know how easy it is to get tripped up in a SR&ED audit.  Even with the right evidence, a company can run afoul of CRA auditors with just a few wrong words.  Once that happens, it can take years to get back on track with SR&ED.

Whether you're looking for full-service SR&ED claim preparation, audit support, team education or something else - we can help.  Our flexible processes are designed to respect your valuable time.  It all starts with a conversation about your work, the tracking records you currently have, the SR&ED services you actually need, and a timeline that works for your team.

Every Skookum SR&ED service provider has both real-world industrial R&D and CRA SR&ED audit experience.  The provider you meet with up front will be with you through the entire process and will personally deliver all services (hands-on).

Our competitors typically lead with a senior level representative but then involve junior staff to actually "do the work".  That results in more profit for them, but more work (and higher costs) for the client.  It also results in low quality SR&ED claims, despite any assurances you may hear to the contrary.  We know this from experience as CRA auditors, when we were kept busy adjusting claims prepared this way.  Our approach means you do not need to fear a CRA audit.  

We also (unlike our competitors) don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to SR&ED.  We will not ask you to adopt a new set of tools and processes.  Instead we take the time to learn how you track your work, and we adapt our processes to yours.  If improvement is needed we'll let you know, but most clients are pleasantly surprised that what they're already doing is sufficient (or close to it).

We don't just provide superior service.  We also keep our fee structures flexible and below the competition.  We can serve you better, for less!


Michael Dennison - President

Mike has been working with SR&ED for over 30 years - as a services provider, a CRA SR&ED reviewer, and a SR&ED performer.

Mike started his career in the telecoms industry developing network management systems software and protocol stacks for companies across North and South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.  After 15 years of international project work an industry slump led Mike to seek local work in Canada, and he went to work for the CRA SR&ED program.  As a research and technology advisor Mike was involved with program delivery, taxpayer education and review of SR&ED claims (determining claimed project and cost eligibility).  Mike was also an advisor in the SR&ED Program’s national Stakeholder Relations Directorate group dealing with Appeals, where he advised CRA as to the defensibility in tax court of SR&ED claim reviews.  After an 8 year tenure with CRA, Mike joined a national accounting firm in 2012 as a SR&ED specialist assisting clients across the country.  Over the years Mike has helped literally hundreds of firms, of all sizes and sectors, to successfully access the SR&ED Program.

Mike is based in Calgary but serves clients across Canada.  He is originally from Vancouver Island (UVic CS co-op grad) and likes to get back out to the coast as often as possible.

Outside of work Mike enjoys making wine, curry and BBQ -- and cycling to work it off (currently riding a vintage Marin - tires new, brakes fair).
Michael Dennison, SR&ED Professional